Use Video Viewing Data to Improve Lead Qualification and Conversions

 It is unquestionably a fact that marketing automation software is a prerequisite to attain great success in your online marketing endeavor and to create a specific niche for your company in the realm of online business opportunities. At the same time it is equally important to understand that using video viewing data to improve lead qualification and conversions is predominantly significant for ROI. In fact, video viewing can generate the maximum number of leads in the current scenario of online business opportunities.

Use Video Viewing Data to Improve Lead Qualification and Conversions

1. It is noteworthy to point out that approximately 70% of B2B business operations become successful by making use of this feature of video viewing data and this has led to a surge of approximately 80% in business opportunities. Let’s take a look into the relevance of using Video Viewing Data to Improve Lead Qualification and Conversions.

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2. The use of video viewing data is an extremely powerful source of attracting visitors to your website and engages them in informative content to generate leads. Further to make them your potential customers you must use Infusionsoft as it the best marketing automation software which can increase the speed of your business. check this out :-

3. The use of effective content plays a significant role in giving you the precise information about what part of your content is more appealing to your potential leads as it can be reverted back automatically by the system to generate most appropriate results to leads at the right time.

4. If the potential lead views your 5-minute video then marketing automation instantly reverts with more data relevant to that subscriber. This means that if the same subscriber watches all your videos, then the sales team sends an email to that subscriber to convert him into the customer.

5. You can use video viewing to effectively divide your leads into the hottest leads and the potential ones. For example, if you have added the video having the detailed information about your product and services and you receive lots of visitors with distinction in the timing of their viewership, then you can segment your visitors into different categories. For example, if someone has watched your video 100%, while others have gone from 20% or 30%. Then you need to segment the potential leads on the basis of viewership. Those people who have watched more than 50% of your video need to be sent an email for a demo, and those who have opted for 20%, can be sent a greeting message to separate those viewers who have gone from 10% watching your video. In this way you can segment your visitors on the basis of percentage of viewership you can actually design your policies as to how to target them with effective procedures so as to optimize them into leads.It is significant to incorporate the element of transcript in the web page so as to enable the viewer to comprehend it completely if he needs clarification on certain points. You can optimize your video by adding a call to action on the web page and also in the video.

6. When you are using video viewing data to create leads, it’s significant to utilize tools like Vineyard and Act on which source to empower your videos. With the effective usage of these tools you can turn your video viewing data into the most effective source for lead generation, an in –depth analysis of lead profiles of individuals, tracking of scores assigned to them on bases of viewership percentages, process of segmentation and nurturing your leads. All this is done on the basis of the precise data of how the different visitors have responded to your content and what makes them engage in the process of lead generation.


Therefore, you can make the optimum utilization of Using Video Viewing Data to Improve Lead Qualification and Conversions with effectiveness and can derive great results from your business.

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